Let’s talk about revamping your resume.

I also do writing for cover letters, LinkedIn profile, professional summaries and full resume re-writes, with my full makeovers and consultations.

I’ve edited, re-vamped and re-written resumes for professionals across various sectors, from tech to the arts, and from marketing to public service.

I have a keen eye for detail and spent seven years of my career reading resumes — hundreds, if not thousands of them — sourcing talent for contractor positions. I know how a resume should sound, and I want to help you get there in order to stand out in the job process.

My goal in working with you is to give you the confidence to hit ‘apply’ on the next job you find. I want you to feel good about having a stranger look at a piece of paper that’s all about you and your accomplishments.

After all, that’s what a resume is — it’s your professional story. You should feel awesome about who gets to read it.

What are you waiting for? Contact me today about elevating your professional resume, LinkedIn and cover letter.

Here’s what my recent clients have said:

I can’t thank Becca enough for her help revamping my resume. She was professional, friendly and so responsive. In about a week, I went from feeling overwhelmed and discouraged to having a clear vision and format for showcasing my professional experiences and accomplishments. Working with Becca was a great investment that I would recommend to any job seeker.


I’m so glad I finally reached out to someone and got help. I feel like this is one of the best investments I’ve made recently.


I’m going to cry. I haven’t seen a cover letter this good, like ever! I love it so much! I already see how I can use it for multiple roles and it makes it much easier for me to apply to jobs.


So appreciative of you and this work! Actually feeling confident in applying now!


Thank you so much for your quick turnaround on my resume. It looks AWESOME! I am very happy with your edits.


Becca helped me with a fresh take on my resume —better defining not only past job experiences but helping crystalize what I am seeking in a future role.


Becca turned an agonizing task into an enjoyable and seamless experience. She stepped in and whipped together a great resume with very short notice (and on a holiday weekend!). Would highly recommend to those needing extra support on their resume.


My resume is now so awesome… Thanks again for taking the time.


Can’t thank you enough! This has been such a pleasure to work with you on, and WOW! SO much faster than expected. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!


Thanks again for helping me with my resume! Really excited to have something professional and well-written!


Becca is a marvelous makeover whiz when it comes to resumes!


Not even in my dreams could I imagine sounding that articulate! I love it.


This is AWESOME. I love it. I love this approach. Thanks for capturing ‘me.’


Thank you again for my resume revamp. I have gotten so many compliments.


Thank you so much. I really enjoyed this process of revising my resume with you.


Thank you for all of your help and hard work on my resume. I am so grateful for you… I would recommend you to anyone!

Hope K.

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